Multi Buttons Widget

Ultimate Addons for Elementor offers a Multi Buttons widget that allows you to add multiple buttons within a single section. These are individual buttons that can be grouped together and controlled with individual settings as required.

In this article, we’ll go through a few things you would want to know about the Multi Button widget.

Key Features-

  • Multiple Buttons
  • Common Styling Options
  • Individual Styling Options
  • Individual Button Control
  • Responsive Support
  • Icon Support
  • Hover Effects and Animations
  • Complete Customization

You can add a number of buttons with different colors, shapes, sizes, border, hover effects, typography.

Add Multiple Buttons

The Multi Button widget of UAEL allows you to add multiple buttons together. You simply need to drag and drop the Multi Button element on page and go to the Content tab. You’ll see two buttons added by default. You can add more by clicking on the Add Item button below.

Common Styling Options

The Multi Button widget gives you some global styling options that let you style all the buttons together. Want all the buttons to look identical? You can use the settings here.

You can also manage the spacing between the buttons. You can set the required spacing or connect all of them together.

Individual Styling Options

In case you wish to style each button separately, you can do so by using the styling options given under them. Simply open the content tab of the Multi Button widget and click on the button you wish to edit. You can further beautify the button under the design tab.

Individual Button Control

It is sure that you won’t want all the buttons to act the same. You can control each button through its General settings. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Responsive Support
Like all the other widgets, the Multi Button too is responsive and looks great on all devices. You can choose to hide this group of buttons on a particular device too.

Apart from the above features, you can choose on what breakpoint the buttons should stack. You can choose a device where you wish the buttons to appeared stacked on.

Icon Support
At times, plain text buttons might seem boring. You can add icons along with text on a button to make it look good.

Hover Effects and Animations
An interactive website pleases users. You can add some cool animation effects that are seen when a user hovers on the button. You can also enhance the animation effect by applying box shadow.

Complete Customization

The Multi Button widget comes with various options that allow you to customize individual buttons completely. You can change their typography, manage background, borders, colors, etc.

Want to see some real examples we’ve created using the Multi Button widget? You can take a look at the demos.

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