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Super Easy Sortable Table

Along with the styling, you can add a sorting option that allows users to sort the entries according to their preferred columns.
Models iPhone X iPhone 8
smartphone (1) Display 5.8-inch ( diagonal ) all-screen OLED 4.7-inch ( diagonal ) widescreen LCD
bluetooth Wireless Technologies Bluetooth, WiFi Hotspot WiFi Hotspot
minimize Screen Resolution 5.65 inches 5.45 inches
photo-camera Camera 12MP Dual Camera 12MP Dual Camera
frame Front Camera TrueDepth camera FaceTime HD camera
battery-warning Power and Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery Built-in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery
cpu Processor hexa-core hexa-core
ram RAM 3GB 2GB
memory-card Internal storage 64GB 64GB

Row Span / Col Span Table

You can merge or span columns and rows according to your table needs. No need to compromise on your data or styling.
Brand Name Color Sizes Available
White M XL XXL
Sepia M XL XXL
Taupe M XL XXL
Gray Wolf M XL XXL

Product Changelogs

Create searchable tables and enable the entries dropdown for longer tables that are difficult to refer. You can allow users to search particular entries or select one through the dropdown menu.
Version Release Date Change Log Announcement
4.8 June 8, 2017 Changelog Related article...
4.8.1 August 2, 2017 Changelog Related article...
4.8.2 September 19, 2017 Changelog Related article...
4.8.3 October 31, 2017 Changelog Related article...
4.8.4 November 29, 2017 Changelog Related article...
4.8.5 January 16, 2018 Changelog Related article...
4.8.6 April 3, 2018 Changelog Related article...
4.9 November 15, 2017 Changelog Related article...
4.9.1 November 29, 2017 Changelog Related article...

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