How to Design a Custom Menu Using the Navigation Menu Widget?

The Navigation Menu widget of UAE allows creating a Custom Menu from the widget itself.

Let’s see the steps on how you can design a Custom Menu using the Navigation Menu widget –

Step 1:

  1. First drag-n-drop the Navigation Menu widget on the Elementor editor.
  2. Under the Content tab > Menu > Type select ‘Custom‘ from the dropdown.
  3. You will see some default sections with Menu and Sub-menu items.
  4. Menu Item is the parent menu item and Sub Menu Item is the child of that parent menu.
  5. Under each Menu Item, you can update the Menu Item text, Link, Dropdown Width, and its position.
  6. And in the Sub Menu Item, you will be able to choose the Menu Content-Type – Text / Saved Section / Saved Widget, or Link in the case of Text option.
  7. In the Sub Menu Item, you will also have the option of converting it to Menu Item.

Step 2:

  • Apply the styling to the menu according to your design requirements.

Step 3:

  • Publish or update the Page with a fresh-looking Navigation Menu that is ready to dazzle your website visitors.

Watch a detailed video for UAE Navigation Menu widget –

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