Navigation Menu -Dropdown Width and Position Options

The Navigation Menu widget of UAE is a gamechanger to help you design every kind of Navigation Menu for a website.

How do we say this? We provide two options which are Dropdown Width and Dropdown Position which can be set for the individual Menu’s Submenu.

Let’s see them in details –

Dropdown Width

First, where to find this option? Make sure you select the Menu Type as Custom under the Content tab.

Now, under the Menu Items, go to the Menu Item. in the same section just below the Link option you will see the Dropdown Width option with multiple options.

They are –

  • Default
  • Custom
  • Equal to Section
  • Equal to Container
  • Equal to Column
  • Equal to Widget

Note: All these options will work, with the Custom Menu Type and Horizontal Layout only.

Let’s see them in details, and how each of them works –


The default width is set to 220px. If the user wishes to changes the width, he can do so from the Styling options of the Dropdown section under the Style tab,


The custom options allows adding a custom width to the Dropdown. In this case, you will also see an option of Dropdown position just below the width option in the same section.

Equal to Section

The dropdown size here will be equal to the entire section in which the widget is present.

Equal to Container

Let’s say a section has more than two columns, then the columns reside in one container. So if you select Dropdown width as Equal to section it will be equal to that container.

This is can be used when you have a logo in the left column and needs the dropdown width up to the left of the logo.

Equal to Column

This option will make the width of the section equal to the column in which the widget is present.

Equal to Widget

With this option, the width will be equal to the width of the widget. It will be contained inside the blue outline of the widget container.

Dropdown Position

This setting will ensure the position of the dropdown according to its parent.

It will have three options –

  1. Left – The dropdown will start from the extreme left of the parent
  2. Center -The dropdown will align to the center of its parent
  3. Right – The dropdown will start from the extreme right of the parent.
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