Introducing a New Navigation Menu for Elementor!

We bring to you the most versatile Navigation Menu for Elementor. This Navigation Menu widget of UAE will allow you to create a custom Menu right from the widget.

Key features of the Navigation Menu widget –

  • Types of Menu – WordPress default and Custom ( can design your own menu )
  • Types of sub-menu items – Text, Saved Section, Saved Widget
  • Different width and position options for the Submenu
  • Different types of layout
  • Link hover effects with animations
  • Responsive menu
  • Alignment and styling options with animations

Watch a detailed video for UAE Navigation Menu widget –

WordPress and Custom Menu Types

You can either use the existing or current menus created under WordPress > Appearance > Menus or you can choose the Custom in the Content > Menu section > Type.

This will allow you the flexibility to create a custom menu, in which you can add Menu Items from the widget interface.

Using the WordPress Menu will not hamper the styles anyhow, you can apply all the styling to both the Menu type.

Different Types of Layouts

After the Menu Items have been added the next step is to choose the Layout for the Menu.

You can choose from – Horizontal, Vertical, Expanded, and Flyout.

The Layout section can be found under the Content tab > Layout section.

Here you can also provide alignment to the complete Menu, choose an Icon for the Dropdown, Animation – ( Slide Up, Slide Down ) for the Submenu item.

There are also many options for the Responsive screen, from choosing Icon and Close Icon. and also the Responsive option.

Types of Link Hover Effect and Animation

This section will be visible only in the case of Horizontal Layout

You can select or pick a hover effect and animation for the Menu, and add different effects on hover and active menu items.

This setting can be located under the Style tab > Main Menu.

There are options to manage the Normal and Hover color for the Text, Background, and Pointer for Hover color.

Menu Styling and Customization Options

The Dropdown section which is the second section under the Style tab allows managing the complete spacing, Color and also add a Divider for the Submenu.

Spacing is the most required feature while designing a Menu item. You are allowed complete flexibility to style and space all the items of the Menu.

In the Navigation Menu widget of UAE, you will be allowed to even manage the Submenu Dropdown’s width as per your requirement.

You will just need to drag and manage every aspect of the Menu items spacing.

Let’s see take a quick look at all the spacing elements –

  • Distance from the top of the Main Menu
  • Horizontal Padding
  • Vertical Padding

And the last section is the Menu Trigger & Close Icon which will help you to manage the size, border Width, Border Radius, and Icon Size too.

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