New Update: Added 30+ New Presets

Are you already enjoying working with Presets? We are guessing it’s a big yes 🙂 

Ultimate Addons for Elementor has always been the most popular choice for Elementor users to further enhance their experience of building beautiful and functional websites even faster. 

We recently introduced awesome Presets for you through 10 UAE widgets. Since then we have received a lot of positive feedback and requests to add more presets in the UAE plugin. 

With our initial release, we released 50+ presets, and this time we are increasing the numbers! 

We are adding 30+ new presets across 6 more widgets to speed up your website design workflow. 

Excited to see if your favorite widget got its set of presets yet? Keep reading to find a list of widgets with new presets. 

What Are Presets, Again?

Let’s quickly brush up on the concept of presets and why it’s a great choice while beginning with website design. 

Presets are ready-to-use templates for Ultimate Addons for Elementor (UAE) widgets, that you can use for hassle-free website building. 

They are a set of different unique designs available for various UAE widgets. You can design a preset to automatically style your widgets, save them, and then re-use them across your website. It will save you time in adjusting multiple settings in the widget.

And don’t worry, if you need things to be slightly different from the preset applied – just apply the preset and modify the settings afterward.

Here are few reasons to love presets – 

  • Huge Time Saver: Stop spending your time designing every section from scratch
  • Professional Design in a Few Clicks: Choose expert-built presets to help design stunning web pages 
  • Easy To Use: Apply different preset designs just with a click and tweak section easily 
  • Current Market Trend: Keep up with current market trends and keep your website up to date  

A Batch of UAE Widgets With New Presets 

With presets, you will get professionally designed widgets that you can add anywhere on your website. 

You will find new presets with the following UAE widgets, 

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer Elementor widget

Marketing Button 

Marketing Button Presets

Social Share 

Social Share  Presets


Timeline Presets

User Registration Form 

User Registration Forms Presets

Fancy Heading 

Fancy Heading Presets

See all available presets for UAE widgets here

Start Working with Presets Today! 

We all have heard the phrase “time is money”. And you know it’s true, especially when you could be doing something else instead of additional hours spent on finding a way to build your website. 

Try the new presets and see how adding professionally designed elements to your website is now easier and quicker.

Just update Ultimate Addons for Elementor to the latest version. Need stepwise help to select a preset, visit the article here. Need any further help? Contact our support team.

Bonus Tip: Looking for full ready website templates? Check out our extensive library of professionally designed ready-made Starter Templates that can be imported in a few clicks


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