Installing and Importing Starter Templates

Creating a site right from scratch can be a pain. You need to come up with an idea, design, content, images and a lot more. This takes a long long time. However, with the popular Astra theme and Elementor, you can save a lot of time by importing readymade sites. These sites can be tweaked a little and made into your own.

You can have a look at the beautiful library, Astra and Elementor have, for Ready to Import Websites. Websites without any tag are FREE while websites tagged as “Agency” are premium.

When you choose Agency Bundle or Mini Agency Bundle, you get access to websites tagged as “Agency” on Ready to Import Websites page.

How Does that work?

Step 1: For accessing free websites, download the “Starter Templates – Elementor, Beaver Builder & Gutenberg Templates” plugin from the WordPress repository. If you need access to websites tagged as “Agency”, you will need to install the “Astra Premium Sites” plugin which comes with Agency Bundle or the Mini Agency Bundle.

Step 2: Install and activate the plugin as any normal WordPress plugin.

Step 3: Once activated, you’ll find a new menu under appearance menu: Appearance -> Astra Sites

Step 4: Under this tab, you will find all the ready sites as shown below.

Note: The below screenshot is taken with the Agency Bundle key activated. In the case of the Mini Agency Bundle (with UAE), you’ll only see the Elementor tab with sites built using Elementor.

Step 5: Click on a site you wish to use. You will see a preview of the site with some additional details. You will also be prompted to install the plugins that are used in a site. Simply click on install and these plugins will get automatically installed on your website.

Step 6: Once you install & activate these, you can see the “Import site” button, by clicking on which you can import the site into your website.

Step 7: Click on “Import this site” button which will make your website, just like ours in a few seconds by importing some of the things as below from our server to your website –

  • All Pages
  • All Posts
  • WordPress Menus
  • Customizer Settings
  • Settings of Required Plugins for the particular site.
  • Media files like images, etc.

Some Notes – 

  1. Though not required, it is a good idea to import a site on a fresh WordPress installation. If you would like to reset your current WordPress installation to make it like a fresh, brand new website, you may use a plugin like this.
  2. Though we try to use free and non-copyrighted images in all of the ready Astra Sites, we cannot take the legal responsibility. We recommend you to replace the images after importing.
  3. Some of the images would be commercial and if you like to use them, you may purchase them independently. We include a “Credits” page with links to all sources in all Astra Sites.
  4. Astra Sites Plugin has two variations. The first version is free and hosted on repository, and you can use that to import all free sites. Whereas, our customers who have bought the Agency Bundle or Mini Agency Bundle, have access to the premium sites after activating the license.
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