Strengthen Customer Relationship with “Team Members” Page!

Imagine you called your network operator and they run you through a series of recorded questions. We don’t feel relieved until we actually get to talk to a human being. It is comfortable knowing that we are working with REAL people. 

Similarly, our website visitors get emotionally connected to our business if they can actually see who they are working with. 

A nice team page that shows people behind the scenes makes your business more personal. 

But designing such a page can need lots of effort. Along with the name and picture of the team member, designation and social media links are also important. Managing these all fields for one member and then for all members on a single page is not an easy task.

To make designing  “Meet the Team” page easy we are introducing Team Members widget with Ultimate Addons for Elementor. This offers readymade and attractive structure where you can add member information and easily display stunning team members page. 

How Team Members Widget for Elementor Can Help?

With growing online businesses, people are more concerned with online scams and dishonest schemes. In such situations adding a team picture on your about page will build trust for visitors. Having team members displayed on the website has many positive impacts like – 

Lower the Bounce Rate and Increases User Engagement – Visitors like to see the face behind the service/product and spend time observing the team members section. 

Build a Company Personality – “Meet the Team” page creates liveliness for the website where the visitor feels the company is friendly. You can show off your talented team and build a personality. 

Builds Credibility – When the user sees the team he gets a sense of “people like me” working behind the scene. That builds credibility and creates a long-lasting relationship between you and the user. 

How to Create a Better Team Members Page in Elementor?

As mentioned earlier, Team Members widget with Ultimate Addons for Elementor makes the task effortless. It has all the options you need to build a team page and create a better connection with customers.

Along with Member’s Name, Add Designation and Description – Simply put basic information about the member.

Add a Nice Photo with Various Shapes & Position – Add a photo and set a nice shape ( circle/rounded/square ) for it. You can place this photo at the top/left/right of the other information.

Put a Separator for Better Design – Put a nice short line at the various positions. This will highlight text by separating the theme and give e nice look to the box.

Add Social Account Links with Nice Icons – Add social media account links for the members so that users can connect with them.

Manage Overall Alignment and Spacing – Spacing options will give clean finishing to the member’s box.

Hover Animation for Photo and Social Icons – Make photo and icons interactive by applying hover animation.

Inbuild Responsive Support – Your team page will look stunning on smaller devices because the widget provides inbuild responsive support. All team member sections will be stacked and managed automatically

With these stunning features, you can showcase your talented team quickly. 

No matter what service/product you provide, the team members page is a great way to humanize your business. This can create empathy and get you more leads.

It’s Your Turn!

Update the Ultimate Addons for Elementor to version 1.16.0 and experience how this widget helps to build your team page. 

In case you need any help with setting dig into our knowledge base. See how effectively you can use this widget on our demo page. In case of any query write to us.

Let us know how you like it in the comments below! 🙂

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