Filters/Actions for Google Maps

Filters available for UAE Google Maps are listed below.


Filters the latitude of the marker.

function google_map_latitude( $latitude ) {
    // One can manipulate these latitude values.
    return $latitude; 
add_filter( 'uael_google_map_latitude', 'google_map_latitude' );


Filters the longitude of the marker.

function google_map_longitude( $longitude) {
    // One can manipulate these longitude values.
    return $longitude; 
add_filter( 'uael_google_map_longitude', 'google_map_longitude' );


Filters the title of the marker.

function google_map_title( $title ) {
    // One can manipulate these title values.
    return $title; 
add_filter( 'uael_google_map_title', 'google_map_title' );


Filters the description of the marker.

function google_map_description( $description ) {
    // One can manipulate these description values.
    return $description; 
add_filter( 'uael_google_map_description', 'google_map_description' );
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