White Screen /500 Error After Plugin Installation

In case you install a Ultimate Addon for Elementor and get a blank screen/500 error, this article is for you.

Below are the possible reasons for this issue –

WordPress Memory Limit

As soon as you install a plugin the memory allocated by your server for your site might get exhausted. To solve this Increase the WordPress memory limit as mentioned in this article.

Older Version of PHP

Your website server might have an older version of PHP. PHP versions below 5.4 are unsupported by PHP itself. They have come to End Of Life
To check PHP version running on your site use Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin.
You can contact your host provider and ask them to update the PHP version.

Check Requirements for Elementor

If above suggestions do not help check all requirements for Elementor plugin.

Quick Solution

Try deactivating some plugins from the site as explained in this article.

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