Unable to see the Font Awesome 5 Icons in UAE’s widgets?

Recently Elementor’s v2.6 introduced a new Icon Library, which includes an update to the Font Awesome 5 Library.

The idea behind this was to migrate to the latest Font Awesome 5 library, gaining access to over 1500+ icons, for this you must have clicked on the following Update button from the Elementor’s Popup, which looked like the following screenshot.

Elementor new icon library


Whenever there is any update, Elementor automatically displays the above prompt box, asking you to update. There is no such option to hide this prompt box. If you wish to update from FontAwesome 4 to FontAwesome 5, click the ‘Update’ button or click the ‘Cancel’ button.

Now after hitting the Update button, you will be redirected to Elementor settings in the backend under Elementor > Tools. Here you will find the Migrate to Font Awesome 5 button, on clicking the same you will see another popup which reminds you that this action is irreversible:

Now, when you click the Continue button, you will be redirected to the page you were previously working on.

Here’s the Elementor’s Article on Migration and the process with the steps they have outlined.

Ideally, you must have already followed the Elementor’s Documentation and migrated the Icons from FA4 to FA5. While some of you might still be facing some issues while viewing the Icons with the UAE’s widgets.

Below are some cases, which we are aware and how they can be resolved –

Case 1: The icons are not working on the site ( a small square is appearing )

Solution – This usually happens when you are still using the Font Awesome 4 Icons in the widgets.

To resolve the same, you will need to enable Load Font Awesome 4 support on your website from Elementor settings.

This option can be found under WordPress Dashboard -> Elementor -> Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Load Font Awesome 4 Support setting

Load font awesome 4 with Elementor

Case 2: What if I do not upgrade to FA5?

Solution – If you don’t migrate to FA5, our Addons’ widgets that use FA4 icons will continue to work, but you wouldn’t be able to edit them.

Tip: Go to Elementor > Settings > Advanced and make sure Load Font Awesome 4 Support is set to Yes so that your Font Awesome 4 icons will still display properly when using Font Awesome 5.

See the full widgets list below.

Note: If you don’t update to FA5, Elementor widgets that use FA4 icons will still continue to work, but you wouldn’t be able to edit them.

List of Ultimate Addons for Elementor Widgets in which you can use the new Icon Library –

  • Advanced Heading
  • Hotspot
  • Image Gallery
  • Infobox
  • Marketing Button
  • Modal Popup
  • Multi Button
  • Off-Canvas
  • Posts
  • Price Box
  • Table
  • Timeline
  • Video
  • Video Gallery
  • Woo – Add to Cart

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