Frequently Asked Questions about User Registration Forms

We have listed down a few Frequently Asked Questions which you might have while using the User Registration Forms –

1. How Do I Enable/Disable User Registration?

The option to enable and disable the User Registration in WordPress is found under the WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General > Membership > Anyone can register

Note: Make sure this setting is enabled while you are using the User Registration Form widget.

2. How Do I Manage a New User Role on WordPress after Registration?

Managing or assigning a User a pre-defined User Role upon registration can be done from the WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General > New User Default Role

Note: Make sure you select respective User Role based on your website’s User Requirement, while you are using the User Registration widget.

3. How Do I Manage Users on WordPress after Registration?

After the Users are registered successfully on your website, and you would like to update the User Role for few users. To do so you will need to visit the WordPress Dashboard > Users > All Users

From here you can edit the User and update his user role as per your requirement.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.