How to add Sortable and Searchable Table? How to Show Entries Dropdown?

Sometimes it is irritating for a user to search for specific table entry by scrolling table all the way down and up. Table widget provides some cool options that allow a user to sort a table with few clicks and search for a particular section in minimum time.

Table widget provides options to make the table sortable and searchable. Sortable tables are effective as they allow the user to sort the table by clicking on table headings. While searchable tables make searching task super easy for a user. It displays a search box for the table so that user can search exact content from the table.

Table widget also allows controlling the number of entries in a table.

Advance Settings tab in Table widget list these settings-

Sortable Table (?)

  • Enabling this option will display arrows in all table heading section.
  • A user can sort table entries on the click of table headings.

Searchable Table (?)

  • Enabling this option will display a search box above the table.
  • A user can type the string or content that needs to be searched/filtered.
  • The row that has matching content will be displayed.

Show Entries Dropdown (?)

  • This option lets a user control the number of entries to display.
  • A user can select a number of rows that should display.

You can enhance the design of  Search / Show Entries Box from Style tab. Color, Background, Typography, Border, Width, Padding can be adjusted to match these boxes with your design theme.

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