How to Display Specific Video Category Tab as a Default on Page Load?

On page load, you might have observed that the default “All” tab is displayed. You can change this tab with a Default Tab on Page Load option.

The setting can be found under the Content > Filterable Tabs > Default Tab on Page Load.

Set toggle to Custom and enter a category name that you want to set as a default tab. That means the category name that you will enter will display as the active tab on the page load.

Add video gallery using Elementor

Note: Make sure you enter the exact same name for the category set for the video. Refer How to Set Categories for videos?

Here is an example of how it works –

  • Consider some of the videos are assigned a category Design.
  • And you wish to display Design category tab active on page load.
  • Set toggle to Custom. Then enter a Default Tab as Design ( make sure the name is exactly the same as the category name set for the videos )
  • Now on the page load, Design tab will be displayed as an active tab, and videos that are assigned a category Design will display under it.

Note: If you want to display “All” tab as a Default Tab, leave the toggle to FIRST.

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