Info Box Widget

This is a multi purpose widget. It allows adding number of sections in one box. Here is a demo. Below is the detailed video for the widget –

Key features –

  • Single Widget with Multiple Contents
  • Allows displaying Image or Icon with different positions, style, hover animation
  • Separator with Styles
  • Add CTA in different ways ( Text/ Button/ Complete box )

Single Widget with Multiple Contents

Widget allows adding following sections –

  • Title Prefix
  • Title
  • Description
  • Image/Icon
  • Separator
  • Call To Action


Under Image/Icon tab select Image Type. All customization options for image/icon are available under the same tab.

You can set icon/image position, overall alignment , background , color etc.

Call To Action

CTA are important sections. With info box you can set a link with text/button or apply to complete box.

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