Normal and Raised format for Price

Pricing tab in Price Box widget offers a number of options to display the price.

You can display the price in digits or can even type text like FREE in the price area. Discounted price can be shown with Offering Discount? toggle.

Raised Currency Format separates the fractional part from integer part in the price and can be displayed at vertically top, middle or at bottom of integer part. Vertical position options can be selected from  Style tab ->  Pricing -> Fractional Part. It also displays Currency Symbol at vertically top, middle or at bottom of the integer part.
For example- If the price entered is 49.99 then choosing Raised Currency Format will separate the 99(fractional part) from the 49(integer part) and will display vertically at the top, middle or at the bottom with respect to 49. Same is the case with Currency Symbol.

While Normal Currency Format Currency Symbol, integer part, and fractional part will be displayed in one line.

More options are available under Style tab ->  Pricing.

Normal and Raised format for Price
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