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UAE’s Posts widget provides stunning options to showcase posts, pages, media, templates etc anywhere on the website. It provides a powerful query builder to select exact posts. It also offers predefined skins, setting that control every part of the post, excerpt and CTA setting, customization options and many more. Below are the key points for Posts widget:

  • Powerful Query Builder
  • Stunning Skins
  • AJAX Pagination
  • Layouts: Masonry/Carousel/Featured/Grid
  • Infinite Load
  • Filterable Posts
  • Customization Options

Have a look at the demo here. Below is the detailed video for the widget.

Powerful Query Builder

The widget has an inbuilt Query Builder that allows you to filter and show the exact posts. Read How Query Builder Works for Posts Widget?

Stunning Skins

UAE Posts widget skins

The widget provides prebuild skins for posts. You can choose your favorite skin from the list. Layout option is dependent on the skin selected from Content (tab) > Skin. Different skins display title, image, meta, CTA at a different position.

AJAX Pagination

UAE Posts widget general settings

Allows a page to dynamically renew content without reloading the page within the browser. You can select numbers or infinite scroll for posts pagination. These options are dependent on the skin you select. Setting can be found under Content (tab) >  General > Pagination.

Layouts: Masonry/Carousel/Featured/Grid

UAE Posts widget layout types

Layouts add a cool look to posts. This option is dependent on the skin and available with classic, event, card skins. Layouts are managed on a responsive view by the widget. Setting can be found under Content (tab) >  General > Layout. Read about Layouts for Posts Widget. 

Filterable Posts

UAE Posts widget filterable tabs option

This feature allows categorizing posts. It displays all posts categories with Filterable Tabs. Clicking on the tab will display posts assigned to the respective category. Posts will display with a default shuffling animation. Setting can be found under Content (tab) >  General > Show Filters. The option will not be available for if Main Query is selected under  Query >  Query Type. Read about Filterable Tabs for Posts Widget.

Customization Options

Depending on the skin and query builder, customization options for the post title, meta, image, excerpt, CTA are available under Content and Style tab.

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