Introducing Posts Widget for UAE

We are dedicated to make UAE even more amazing than it currently is! So today, I am excited to announce the launching of the amazing Posts widget!

UAE’s Post widget helps to display posts and pages under a single section. It has some unique features that make it my favorite. I am sure you will love it too! 🙂

It has a powerful query builder that allows controlling the way each post will look. We have provided some prebuilt skins that add more beauty with easy settings. You can design grids and carousels to display posts and pages. Let’s see what are the key features for Posts Widget:

  • Powerful Query Builder
  • Stunning Skins
  • AJAX Pagination
  • Layouts: Masonry/Carousel/Featured/Grid
  • Infinite Load
  • Filterable Posts
  • Customization Options

You can take a look at the demos here. We’ll take a look at a few highlights of this widget below – 


The widget has an inbuilt Query Builder that allows you to filter and show the exact posts. Read How Query Builder Works for Posts Widget.


The widget provides pre-built skins for posts. You can choose your favorite skin from the list. Layout option is dependent on the skin selected. Different skins display title, image, meta, CTA at a different position.


Layouts add a cool look to posts. This option is dependent on the skin and available with classic, event, card skins. Layouts are managed on a responsive view by the widget.


This feature allows categorizing posts. It displays all post categories with Filterable Tabs. Clicking on the tab will display posts assigned to the respective category. Posts will display with a default shuffling animation.

Please take a moment to watch a walkthrough video which explains how exactly this widget works.

You can go ahead and update the Ultimate Addons for Elementor to the latest version! This will give you access to posts widget. Here is a document from our knowledge base that describes the widget in detail.

Have any ideas or suggestions we should work on? Please feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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About the Author

Sujay is CEO and Co-Founder of Brainstorm Force, the company behind Astra. He is a diehard entrepreneur, growth hacker, and YouTube addict. Get in touch with him on Twitter @sujaypawar.

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22 thoughts on “Introducing Posts Widget for UAE”

    1.  Elvina Goves


      As of now, we do not have any direct option to display the custom posts meta. But, if you are using Custom Query, then we do have some actions defined with the posts widget using which you can display any content you want at the place you need.

      Here is an article you can refer to.

      Do let us know if you need any assistance with this. 🙂

  1.  Evan

    I really like this post widget a lot. It has the infinite scrolling that I really like (not many others have that) but I’d love to be able to customize the skin. Is this possible?

    1.  Elvina Goves


      As of now, we haven’t planned this feature yet. But we do have some default Post Skins options that can be used now.

      If possible we might add the shortcodes features like Beaver Builder in our future updates.

  2.  Keviin Cosmos

    I love that you have filter functions and infinite scroll… It’s so rare but still so needed!!
    I have two suggestions

    1. Be able to add a loop template so that I can design my own look completely.
    2. I also use the post grid for displaying search results and it works great, but all different post types is all in one. Maybe make it possible to add a section with a title for each post type.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    1.  Elvina Goves


      Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

      Here are the answers to your queries

      1. Be able to add a loop template so that I can design my own look completely.
      -> We do have this feature listed in our features list and we will start working on it as soon as the current high priority tasks are completed

      2. I also use the post grid for displaying search results and it works great, but all different post types are all in one. Maybe make it possible to add a section with a title for each post type.
      -> Could you please write to us through our support center so that we can take this forward to our developers to see what can be done?

  3.  Rafa

    Hi! Is it possible to display each blog post card with only the feature image and when you do a mouse over display the title, excerpt and read more button?

    1.  Elvina Goves

      Hello Rafa,

      Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the moment. However, we’ve taken this ahead to our development team to see whether we can implement something like this in the future updates.

  4.  yisel

    Is it possible to add this widget to a single page in Elementor, but change somehow the query in different pages?

    1.  Suman Dhar

      Hello Yisel, sorry it won’t be possible to modify the widget results, particularly for the Single page. You might want to check for any filters that might help.

  5.  Jure Zadravec

    Hi UAE! I’ve found your plugin very useful.
    As a developer, I have found use for it, when there was really no similar alternative! Thank you for that.

    Have you thought of implementing 2 of the following things?
    – Editable skins / integration with another skin editor plugin – As of now I can only edit the template from inside the plugin code of the post templates. A bit more work, but it worked great with ACF.
    – Multiple filtering option – This would be great, because as of now we can only pick from 1 category/taxonomy. A filter where we could pick from multiple options with an AND operator would be amazing.

    Once again, thank you for this and have a great day 🙂

    1.  Suman Dhar

      Hello Jure, thank you for the feedback and suggestion. And glad to hear that you liked the plugin.

      We will share your suggestions with our developers and see how this can be implemented.

  6.  Paul

    Is it possible to use UAE posts to display archives? I want to be able to use the styling which looks a lot better than the normal archive posts in Elementor pro but so it behaves as the archive posts widget would.

    Apologies if that’s not explained very well …


  7.  Nicolas

    in the Post Grid we can define filterable tabs, its a great feature ! but it would be even more great to have a search box for AJAX filtering posts. For exemple at the top of the post list , in a search input you could start typing some text, then the post list would be filtered only posts which title contains the search text.

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