Introducing Cross-Site Copy Paste Feature for Elementor!

We introduce the most sought out feature in Elementor i.e Copy/ Paste Style and take it a notch above and have made it Cross-Site Copy-Paste feature, which will speed-up your website design process.

Before knowing more about the features, here are some key points –

  • You can copy Widget / Column / Section from one domain to another
  • Saves your time and repetitive work
  • Native Elementor provides Copy/Paste in the same domain. Ours make it Cross-Site and Domain.


Previously, we needed to Save the Template, download it from let’s say Site A and then Upload it to Site B and then import it on the required section.

Now with the UAE’s Copy, Paste Feature!

We can simply right click on the section or column whose features or settings that need to be copied from Site A and visit the site B and right-click on the section where we need to paste it and we are done!
Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s see the Steps and the functionality in action –

Step 1: Right-click on the section on Site A.
Step 2: Copy it.
Step 3: On Site B, right-click where to add the copied section.
Step 4: Paste it.

And you’re done!

Full-Page Copy Paste [New Addition]

Introducing Full-Page Copy Paste feature in Ultimate Addons for Elementor’s version 1.28.0. Now, you will be able to easily copy and paste the complete page across websites and domain with just a few clicks.

Before knowing more about this feature, here are some key points –

  1. The whole page in the elementor editor can be copied across domains.
  2. Previously UAE had a similar feature but limited to single elements like widget, column, or section.
  3. Now you can save a lot of time as you can easily copy and paste full pages.
  4. Only in the case of local to remote domain images will not be copied.

Let’s see the Steps to see how it works –

Step 1: Right-click on any section on Site A.
Step 2: Click on UAE Copy All
Step 3: On-Site B, right-click on the page.
Step 4: Click on UAE Paste All to paste it!

And you’re done! 🙂

Full Page Copy and Paste Option


1. Will it inherit Elementor’s Global Theme styling?

=> Yes, if you have different theme styling on both websites, your copied content will automatically inherit style from Global Settings. You don’t have to worry about making any changes or setting it again. 

2. Once I Cross-Site Paste the content, can I edit it? 

=> Yes, of course! Your content will be copied as it is so you can easily edit and customize it in the Elementor editor. 

3. Will my forms from third-party plugins copied and pasted across websites?

=> Yes, you will just need to make sure you have the relevant plugins installed on the website where you will be pasting it. But it will not Import / Export the forms, you will need to create the form and select it manually after pasting the widget.

4. Will my images and videos will be copied?

=> Absolutely. All your content including images and videos will be copied. Images and videos will be added to the media library automatically. 

5. What setup I will need on my websites?

=> You will need Elementor and Ultimate Addons for Elementor activated on websites. Make sure you have Cross-Site Copy-Paste feature enabled. 

6. Can I turn off  Cross-Site Copy-Paste feature?

=> Yes, you can. From UAE settings screen you can deactivate this feature. Let’s say you are not using this feature so you can simply turn it off and save loading extra code on your page. 

7. Will the other third-party plugins content be copied easily?

=> Yes, if you are displaying a Map using plugin M on website A, you will need the same plugin M activated on site B. So when you copy and paste the form it will find its parent plugin and a Map will display smoothly. 

8. Will the Images be copied from Local Setup to Live Site?

=> No. The Image will not be copied from the local environment to the Live Website.

9. What will happen while pasting using the UAE Paste on a WordPress website with a different theme installed?

=> In this case, the pasted widget will inherit the styling from the theme on the current site until you haven’t set the styling from theme styles or specific widget styles.

10. Will this feature work with a single license?

=> Yes, you can use this feature on multiple sites with a single UAE license.

11. Will it work on Cross browsers?

=> As of now, this feature will not work with cross browsers.

12. Will it work on Safari browsers?

=> As of now, Cross-Site Copy-Paste will not work on the Safari browsers.

Time to Get Started!

It’s time to speed-up your website designing process, with Ultimate Addons for Elementor. Update to v1.24.0 and above and let’s create or replicate features and styles without much efforts.


The Ultimate Addons for Elementor version 1.28.0 brings the Full Site Copy Paste feature. Read more here.

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