Introducing How-to Schema Widget for Elementor!

UAE brings for you a brand new widget that now allows creating How-to pages or articles. And on top of it, you will have Schema Markup added to the page, without a single line of code.

How-to Schema example

Before diving in, let’s take a quick look at the features we can utilize in this widget –

  • Automatic Schema Integration as per latest Google Guidelines
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Help with Default texts
  • Overall Customization options

How to Setup/Configure How-to Widget?

Let’s see how quickly we can setup and Configure the How-to widget –

  1. Start with dragging-n-dropping the widget into the Elementor editor
  2. Edit or remove the default Strings as per your requirement to the Title and Content
  3. Style the widget as per your website style layout
  4. Review and verify the page on Google Structured Data Testing Tool
  5. And that’s it your HowTo page has Schema added to it. 🙂
UAE how to schema example

How to Style the How-to Widget?

We have provided various styling options to style the widget so that you can make it look similar to your page style or make it unique –

You can navigate to the Style tab of the How-to widget and find all the options for specific sections.

How to schema widget for Elementor

How to Verify How To Schema Added to Your Page?

Google provides a Structured Data Testing Tool. Visit this link – Tool Link.

There you will find two options to test your Structured Data containing Schema –

You can either copy your page URL which has the HowTo widget on it and add it in the Page URL section or copy your page’s source by pressing ( CTRL + U ) and Paste it in the Code Snippet section. And press Run Test button below it.

On the next page, you will see detected Schema results – where you will need to find the HowTo schema. If there are no errors or Warnings, your page is ready for Rich Search results to be displayed for Google.

Click on the HowTo schema and you will find the Question and Answers you have provided in the respective Name and Text fields of the Schema Markup.

How to Preview the HowTo Schema Added to Your Page?

Google provides another tool called a Rich Results Test tool. Visit this link for the tool.

Even here you will find two options to test your page’s Rich Results for they would display on Google Search.

You can either copy your page URL and paste it in the URL section or copy your page’s source by pressing ( CTRL + U ) and Paste it in the Code section. And press Run Test URL/Test Code button below it.

The following option – “Googlebot smartphone/Googlebot Desktop” is just beside the Test URL/Test Code button, you will have the option to preview in “Smartphone/Desktop”, you do not require to change here anything. But you can preview your Rich Result in Desktop view too.

Next, you will see a page that says, Page is eligible for rich results. Click on Preview Results and you will see an example of how your FAQs can be viewed on Google Search Results.

Testing added how to schema
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