How to Exclude WooCommerce Products with Woo-Products Widget?

Many times, you would want to display all the products. But, at the same time, you might want to exclude some particular products. You can do this using the Woo – Products Widget.

The Query Builder of the Woo – Products Widget allows you to either display All Products or filter them as per your requirements. You can exclude particular products from a particular list using options listed under Query tab.

Below are the available options-

  • Exclude Product
    • Start typing the product name and select it manually to exclude from the product list.
    • For Example- If available products are X, Y, and Z. Selecting All Products option will display X, Y, Z products. But if you wish to exclude Y product then type Y in the text box.
    • It will exclude the Y product from the list and will display only X and Z.
  • Exclude Current Product
    • If you wish to exclude currently displaying product from all product list to avoid a duplicate appearance, use this option. Set the toggle to exclude current product.
    • For Example- If available products are X, Y, Z and they come under same category A. If products from category A set to display on all single product page. Then while viewing X product, all products including X will be displayed at the bottom of the page. To avoid the duplicate appearance of X opt to Exclude the Current Product so that only Y and Z will be displayed on X product page. Similarly, Y will be excluded from its single product page and X, Z will be displayed.
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