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UAEL  provides a powerful Woo – Products widget to showcase WooCommerce products on any page. It is the most flexible widget that allows you to display WooCommerce products in grid and carousel layout. We have added stylish skin options to enhance the layout design and we will be adding more in future.

The Woo – Products widget of UAEL has an inbuilt Query Builder that allows you to filter and show the exact range of products.

See the stunning layouts for Woo – Products on demo page.

Below are the options available with the widget-

  • General (Grid and Carousel layout)
    This tab includes Grid and Carousel layout options. Classic or Modern Skin options add more style to the product layout. See how to set the layout here.
  • Query
    An efficient inbuilt Query Builder provides all necessary filter options that allow displaying exact products. See how to use the query builder here.
  • Content
    Allows to manage the display of product content like Product Category, Title, Ratings, Price, Short Description, Add to Cart Button. (?)
  • Sale Flash
    Allows you to display/hide a sale bubble with a product. You can also enter Custom Flash String if required. (?)
  • Featured Flash
    Products that are set as featured will be displayed with a flash bubble. Default string will be ‘New’. You can enter Custom Flash Content if required. (?)
  • Quick View
    A quick view option shows the product details like title, description, price etc. in a popup/lightbox. One can enable a quick view of the product with toggle. (?)

1. This widget will be visible only if you have the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated on your website.
2. If the widget is not visible in the Elementor widget list, then check if it is enabled from UAEL settings. (?)
3. Styling options for every feature are available under the Style tab. (?)


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