How to Open a Specific Section of Content Toggle Widget from a Remote Link?

The Content Toggle widget now allows opening either section of the content toggle from a remote link. That means you can direct using a link on any page to open either section of the content toggle.

Below are the detailed steps to achieve this requirement –

Step 1: Add an ID uael-toggle-init to the Content Toggle widget. Note that add ID uael-toggle-init only. Other ID will not work.

Step 2: Sections of the Content Toggle widget are identified as content-1 and content-2 IDs. Now you can open the 2nd section by using ID ‘content-2‘ after the URL. That means add  ‘/#content-2′ at the end to the page URL. 

For Example – 

Consider you have pages A and B. Content toggle is set on page A having Section 1 and Section 2. Now, we want to see Section 2 of content toggle when redirected page B. In this case, follow the steps –

  1. Add a uael-toggle-init as ID to the Content Toggle under the Advanced from of the Widget.
  2. Now, from page B, use a text, button or anything with a link to the content toggle section. Use a URL for page A and add #content-1 (for the first section of content toggle ) or #content-2 (for the second section of content toggle ) at the end of the URL. Like -> your-domain/page-name/#content-2

Refer to the following video, which shows that the second toggle element is opened as we clicked on the button which then redirects us to the page having the Content Toggle.

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