How to Display YouTube Subscribe Bar for Video?

Video widget provides an option to display a YouTube Subscribe Bar.  When you choose to display a YouTube video, this option will appear under the Content tab.

Below are the options available under YouTube Subscribe Bar tab –

  • YouTube Channel Name or Channel ID:  You need to link the subscribe button with your video channel on YouTube. To connect to a channel you need to enter either its name or ID. Read How to Find YouTube Channel Name and Channel ID?
  • Subscribe to Channel Text: Edit text that displays on the Subscribe Bar.
  • Show Subscribers Count: Choose if you want to display the current subscriber’s count.
  • Text Color, Background Color & Typography: Customize the Subscribe Bar completely with these options.
  • Padding: Manage space around the bar.
  • Stack on: By default text and button on the Subscribe Bar will display inline. On responsive devices, this layout may not look good. Choose this option to stack the text and button on responsive devices.
  • Spacing: Manage spacing between text and button. To manage space on responsive devices click the toggle and set the value.
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