How to Manage Timeline on Responsive View?

When you set Orientation for a timeline as a center, items are arranged in the alternate/even-odd pattern. When you view this orientation on mobile, the timeline may appear collapsed. It depends on the content length in the timeline item. Larger the content, the item will look narrow and long on mobile.

To overcome this Timeline Widget provides a Responsive Support for tablet and mobile device.

Note: Responsive Support is available only for Center Orientation.

The setting can be found under Style (tab) > Layout > Orientation (center). Follow the steps in order to set Responsive Support.

  • Choose a device for Responsive Support- Tablet & Mobile OR Mobile.
  • Choose Responsive alignment – Left OR Right.
  • If you wish to set Content Alignment, choose a device from the toggle and set choose the alignment.

This will display timeline in right/left orientation on responsive devices and in center orientation on the desktop.

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