Gravity Form – Tab Index

Quite often we’ve seen that when a user clicks on the tab key, the cursor moves to the next form field. This happens when Gravity Forms assumes its default tab index values.

When you use multiple forms on one page you might have faced issue while pressing tab key. From last field of first form, when we press tab key we expect cursor to move to first field on next form. But sometimes cursor do not move to correct field.

You can avoid this by changing the tab index values on your forms so that they work as expected.

How to change the tab index value of a Gravity Form?

Open the General settings of the Gravity Form Styler widget (UAEL).

Enable the Keyboard Tab Key Support option

Enter a tab index value in the given field as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: The tab index value should be greater than the total number of fields in your previous form.

For example – If form-1 has 5 fields and its tab index is set to 30. Then tab index for next form, say form-2 should be 30+5= 35. So that when you press tab from last field of form-1, the cursor will move to first field of form-2.

To know more about the Gravity Form tab index, you can refer to the article here.

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