How to add WooCommerce Add To Cart button on the page?

Woo – Add To Cart Widget allows you to add a WooCommerce Add To Cart button anywhere on the page. It gives you options to add a product to cart on-click with predefined quantity. It navigates the user to cart page.

This button can be used anywhere on the page.

Below are the available options-

  • Product (?)
    – Start typing name of the product that you wish to add to the cart when the user clicks the button. Also, choose the Quantity.
    – When a user clicks the button, the selected product will be directly added to the cart.
  • Button (?)
    – Various options to customize the button are available here.
    – More options are available under the Style tab.

1. This widget will be visible only if WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated.
2. If the widget is not visible in the Elementor widget list, then check if it is enabled from UAEL settings. (?)
3. Styling options for every feature are available under the Style tab. (?)

Refer a demo for Woo – Add To Cart Widget here. The information boxes displayed with the button on demo page are designed separately with other widgets.

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