WPForms Styler Widget

Using one of the Best Drag and Drop builder also requires the best Drag and Drop form Builder, and what better than having the WPForms Styler widget to take it to another level.

This widget will allow you to design WP Forms to suit your website’s color scheme and much more. It will help you to customize a form with different color and style settings. Below are the key features for the widget –

  • Custom/Default WPForms Title & Description
  • Title & Description styling options
  • Field style options ( Box & Underline )
  • Easy & 100% customization for Radio & checkbox
  • Different styles for error messages
  • Gradient color / Image background options for submit button

With WPForms Styler widget, just drag and drop the widget, select the WPForms from the list and style it with the UAE widget options.

Custom/Default WPForms Title & Description

The widget provides the option to set Custom or Default WPForms Title and Description. You can either use the Default Form name of the WPForms or add your own Title & Description. It even has the option to align the Title & Description as per your requirement.

Title & Description styling options

Apart from the Alignment option, you will also find the Styling options for the Title and Description, like Bottom Margin, and even the Typography and Color.

Field style options ( Box & Underline )

The widget provides prebuilt styling options for the input fields. You can choose Field Style as a box or underline. The Box layout will add a border from all sides. You can choose the border style, color, width, etc. from the available options. The Underline layout will add a border at the bottom of the input fields.



Easy & 100% customization for Radio & checkbox

Have you ever wanted to style the checkboxes, radio buttons in a WP Forms? This is easy with the WP Forms Styler widget. Styling set for the form under the General tab will be applied to checkboxes, radio buttons by default. You can set different styles by enabling the Override Current Style option. You have various color and styling options under Radio & Checkbox tab.

Different styles for error messages.

Success / Error Message options allow setting colors for Error Field Message and Form Success Validation. This option allows setting different Message and Background colors for the fields that have an error. You can also set the Message Position.

Gradient color / Image background options for submit button

Now you can highlight the submit button with an attractive design. All options are available under the Submit Button tab. You can set background color/image/gradient for the normal and hover submit button. Other colors and Box Shadow options add a finishing touch to the button.

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