FAQ Widget for Elementor

Looking to add an FAQ, with some cool options for having a Grid / Accordion?

We have listened to you! And we bring to you the FAQ module, which will allow you to create FAQs with just a few clicks and display it as Accordion or even with a Grid Layout!

UAE FAQ widget

Below are the few key features we have taken care of –

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Layout options from Grid / Accordion (default)
  • Display Content / Saved Section / Saved Page
  • Overall Customization options
  • Selective Schema insertion
  • Schema Integration as per the latest Google Guidelines

Let’s take a quick look at the key features in detail –

Quick and Easy Setup

You might have seen the Accordion module with Elementor, even here you will just need to drag-n-drop the module. That’s not it. You will now be able to add custom content like previously and also fetch the Saved Section / Saved Page directly in here without using any shortcode.

Just select the Content Type from the Saved Section or Saved Page.

Adding FAQ in Elementor

Layout Options – Grid / Accordion

You are not limited to the Accordion layout – you will be able to create a Grid layout, Toggle layout along with the Accordion layout.

And team it up with the other customization options and there are endless design possibilities for FAQs.

Let’s see some examples you can achieve –

UAE FAQ layout option

Overall Customization options

With so many options, we have taken equal care to provide options to customize and style every section of the widget.

You will find the option to manage the alignment, and spacing, and add a separator to the content. Also, you can manage the Columns for the Grid layout.

Apart from that you can add a border, and manage its width, color, and style too. Even there are options to style the Background, and manage Padding, and also Typography from the Style tab of the widget.

UAE FAQ widget style options

Selective Schema Insertion

An FAQ module can be used on an FAQ page that contains questions and answers based on your site’s content or respective page.

Now, we provide an option to enable JSON-LD Schema markup that automatically fetches it from the widget’s FAQ content.

This will make your page eligible for the rich result on Google Search. Also, making it available to more users and higher Click-Through-Rate ( CTR ).

We have provided a selective way using which you can enable Schema on this widget –

UAE FAQ widget schema support

The following are the fields we have mapped –

  1. MainEntity [ FAQ once enabled ]
  2. Question
  3. Answer

And here are the definitions of the FAQ fields as per Google’s Developer Guide.

How to Preview the FAQ Schema Added to Your Page?

Google provides the Rich Results Test tool to preview and verify the FAQ Schema added on your page. Visit this link for the tool.

Even here you will find two options to test your page’s Rich Results which will be displayed on Google Search.

You can either copy your page URL and paste it in the URL section or copy your page’s source by pressing ( CTRL + U ) and Paste it in the Code section. And press the Run Test URL/Test Code button below it.

The following option – “Googlebot smartphone/Googlebot Desktop” is just beside the Test URL/Test Code button, you will have the option to preview in “Smartphone/Desktop”, you do not require to change here anything. But you can preview your Rich Result in Desktop view too.

Next, you will see a page that says, Page is eligible for rich results. Click on Preview Results and you will see an example of how your FAQs can be viewed on Google Search Results.

UAE FAQ widget schema test

In conclusion, the FAQ Widget for Elementor is a powerful tool that allows users to easily add and customize FAQs with various layout options, such as Grid and Accordion. With its quick and easy setup process, users can drag and drop the module, add custom content, and even fetch saved sections or pages without using any shortcode. The widget provides extensive customization options, allowing users to manage alignment, spacing, columns, borders, background, padding, and typography, resulting in endless design possibilities for FAQs. So go ahead and try out the FAQ widget on your FAQ page, and make them eligible for Google Search easily.

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