How to get Yelp API Key?

UAE’s Business Reviews module requires the Yelp API key to display Yelp reviews. This article will help you find your Yelp API key.

After inserting Yelp Business ID if reviews are not displaying properly, check if the Yelp API Key is correct. Below are the steps to get Yelp API Key –

Go to link here. You will find all process in this document but below are extracted and easy steps –

Step 1 – Click on the Create App link.

Yelp create App

Step 2 – It will take you to the login page. Login with your account details

Step 3 – You will find your API key under General > Manage App. You can enter your email ID and description on this page.

Yelp API key

Step 4 – Copy this API key. Now, from the WordPress dashboard, visit Settings > UAE > Business Reviews > Settings, and paste the key under the Yelp API Key section.

Integrate Yelp with UAE
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