Dual Color Heading Widget

This is a flexible widget that allows creating unique headings. You can set two different text with two different style. Here is a stunning demo for the widget. Below is the getting started video –

Key Features –

  • Option to add before, after and highlighted text in heading
  • Different border and background options
  • Different font and color options
  • Separate background image option
  • Inline/stack layout with responsive support

Styling normal and HIGHLIGHTED heading

The widget offers a number of styling options for dual heading. Options can be found under Style (tab) > Heading Style. More options are available with Advanced toggle. You can use NORMAL and HIGHLIGHT tabs to set style.

Inline/stack layout

Setting can be found under Style (tab) > General > Layout. Heading can be displayed inline or can be stacked. Inline heading can be set to stack on responsive devices.

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