Particle Backgrounds For Elementor

With Ultimate Addons for Elementor, you get an option to set an attractive particle background in Elementor. Particle Backgrounds create attractive visual effects to increase user engagement.

Key Features –

  • Inbuilt Style Options – Polygon / NASA / Snow
  • Particle Layout and customization controls – Color, Direction, Size, Speed, etc.
  • Hover Effect for Interactive Background
  • Custom/Personalized particle background style (No Coding Required)

Where to find the setting?

UAE – Particle Backgrounds is available with all existing Elementor background options like row, column, widget background. To set the particle background for a row, edit the row, go to the Style tab. Below the Background tab, you will find a UAE – Particle Backgrounds tab.

Below are the available options with UAE – Particle Backgrounds :

Inbuilt Style Options – Polygon / NASA / Snow

Some default styles are available for particle backgrounds. You can choose any prebuild style or can design your own custom style. Custom styling feature is explained later in this article.

Particle Layout and customization controls

The selected background style can be completely customized. You can set more specific settings from Advanced Settings. Available settings are –

  • Color
  • Opacity
  • Flow Direction
  • Number of Particles
  • Particle Size
  • Move Speed etc.

Hover Effect for Interactive Background

Enabling this effect will generate an interactive effect on mouse hover like shown below. To enable this effect go to Advanced Settings > Enable Hover Effect. Note that hover effects can be viewed in the frontend only.

Custom/Personalized particles background style

Apart from the default particles style, you can design your own style with different shapes, sizes, density, etc. Here is the detailed document that shows how to add a custom style.

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