Woo – Categories Widget

Have you ever thought of displaying various product categories on a single page? This is a great way to display all the categories you offer and let the users choose the one that they need.

The Woo – Categories widget of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor allows you to display all your product categories on a single page.

You can take a look at our demos to see how the widget displays WooCommerece product categories beautifully – Demo Page.

Let us take a look at some customizations that you can work on.

Choose categories to display from Filters and set their layout from General options.

  • General (?)
    – Allows you to select a number of columns for the category.
    – Select total categories count to display.
    – The displayed category will be dependent on filter settings as described below.
    – By default, recently created categories will be displayed.
  • Filters (?)
    – Allows you to choose the exact categories to display.
    Show All will display all available categories while Only Top-Level will display parent categories.
    – To show particular category/categories, choose Match These Categories and start typing the required category name. You can enter more than one category here.
    – Similarly, to exclude a particular category/categories, choose to Exclude These Categories and start typing the required category name.
    – The number of categories displayed depends on the Categories Count under the General tab.
    – Enabling Display Category Description will display category description entered in backend under Products > Categories > {Any Category} > Edit > Description.
    – Enabling Display Empty Categories will display categories which are not assigned to any products.
    Order by allows you to set categories order according to Name/Slug/ Description/ Count (Assigned Product Count).  You can also choose the Descending or Ascending order from the drop-down.

1. This widget will be visible only if you have the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated on your website.
2. If the widget is not visible in the Elementor widget list, then check if it is enabled from UAEL settings. (?)
3. Styling options for every feature are available under the Style tab. (?)

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