How to Style the Table?

Table Widget allows creating beautiful table designs. You can add style to Table Header, Body, Search / Show Entries that will make the table stand out more effectively and make it easy to read.

Odd and Even rows can be highlighted with different color options. The different color can be set to rows when hovered with a mouse.

Style tab in Table Widget provides multiple options for designing.

Table Header

  • It provides options to style top row of the table.
  • Note: Color and Background Color options are available for each column cell separately under Content tab -> Table Header -> Cell (Column) -> ADVANCE (?)
  • If you select column cell from Table Content to Convert into Table Heading then the style set for Table Header here will be applied to the selected column as well. (?)

Table Body

  • It provides options to style content section of the table.
  • Different color options are available for Odd and Even rows(?)

Icon / Image

  • Icon / Image can be set from Content tab -> Table Header/Content -> Cell (Column) -> Icon / Image (?)
  • Manage Position, Scale, Spacing etc. for Icon / Image.
  • The setting will be applied to Icon / Image added to both Table Header and Table Content.

Search / Show Entries

  • When you set table to be Sortable and Searchable or show Entries Dropdown from Content (tab) -> Advance Settings, Search / Show Entries boxes appear on the table.
  • Enhance the design of these boxes from settings available under Search / Show Entries. (?)




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