Particle Hover Effect Not Working?

In UAE – Particle Backgrounds, under Advanced Settings, you get an option to Enable Hover Effect. The hover effect is an interesting feature that will interact with the user when hovered with a mouse.

This effect will not work in the following cases –
1. This will be visible only in the frontend and will not work in the backend.
2. In case a content/spacer is overriding the background. For example – In a row, you have added a heading and added a spacer above and below the heading. This will occupy the entire space in the row. As the spacer has a transparent background, particle background for the will be visible but it will not be interactive since it has spacer over it. The hover effect will work outside the spacer where a cursor can have direct contact with the particles background.

To solve this you can remove the spacer and add padding for the row. So that particle background will display.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.