Create Table by Uploading CSV

UAE’s Table widget allows uploading the CSV file to create a table.

CSV (Comma Separated Values) format is a plain text format in which values are separated by commas. You just need to upload it to Table widget and table will form on the basis of CSV file. Below are the steps to upload CSV file –

  1. From the Content (tab) >  Table Header > Source select CSV file.
  2. Click on the box under Upload a CSV File.
  3. Upload your CSV file from the media uploader.
  4. Click on Insert Media.
  5. A table will form on basis of CSV file.

Note: Uploaded CSV will not be visible in media like images or video. CSV files will not be saved as media. So every time you wish to create a table with CSV file you need to upload a CSV file again. This is because Elementor Framework does not have a facility to upload CSV file type.

You can add a Sortable and Searchable table or show Entries Dropdown with this table as well. Read How to add Sortable and Searchable Table? How to Show Entries Dropdown?
You can even style this table with settings available under the Style tab. Read How to Style the Table?

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Facing Issues with CSV Import?

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