How Hotspot Tour works?

As the name suggests this feature let the user take a tour for all markers. Tour will follow the order in which markers are created. Starting from the first marker, a tooltip will gradually display for other markers after a specified time interval.

Note: Hotspot Tour feature will not work unless Tooltip is enabled. This is because the tour is displayed on the tooltip. It also displays navigation (previous, next) links for the tour.

Below are the available option under Hotspot Tour tab. Initially Enable the Tour.

  • Repeat Tour: After completing round for all markers user can navigate from last to the first marker if this option is enabled.
  • Autoplay: It will autoplay tour for all markers.
    • Interval between Tooltips (sec) – After this time interval, next tooltip will appear. This defines the time between displaying two tooltips.
    • Launch Tour – When you set tour on autoplay, you can decide when to start it. This option will allow a user to start the tour on the click of a button or when hotspot comes in the viewport.
    • Overlay Button: This will allow starting the tour if in the above option button click is selected. Once button is clicked tour will autoplay unless End Tour option is clicked.
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