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UAEL provides a multifunctional Table widget that lets you create a table with any number of rows and columns. The table can be used for any purpose such as a comparison between products/ sales, displaying schedules, displaying changelogs and many more.

Table widget allows creating searchable and sortable tables that are easy to read. It also enables the entries drop-down for longer tables that are difficult to refer to.

You can create beautiful tables with advanced styling and features. Refer to Demo Page.

To enable Table widget visit UAEL settings. (?)

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Table on Responsive Devices 

From UAEL version 1.8.0, table responsive option is deprecated. Earlier to this version Table widget has the responsive option that used to stack the Table Headers and Content.

In practical use, this layout of the table was not working as intended. The header and its columns ratio were displayed in an incorrect way. So, we decided the deprecate the same option.

Now, by default, the table is responsive with a horizontal scrollbar to the table. You can navigate the table with the scroll.

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