Content Toggle Widget

This widget allows switching between two types of content, saved templates or pages. Here is the demo. Below is the detailed video –

Key features –

  • You can display content / saved section / saved page
  • Choose which content section to display by default
  • Different switch styles
  • Heading and toggle switch layout ( inline/stack)
  • Responsive option for inline layout
  • Dynamic field support for heading
  • Styling for each part of the widget

Add content for toggle switch

When user clicks on the toggle, a content will be switched. You would need to enter content for both sides. This content can be –

  • Text
  • Saved section
  • Saved page

Default content display and toggle switch styles

Between both contents you can choose which content to display by default. To set this go to Style > Switcher > Default Display and select content.

Different styles for the toogle button can be found under Style > Switcher > Switch Style. You can completely customize the toggle switch with available options.

Layout and other styling options for headings

Headings can be set inline or stack. If you set it to display inline, on responsive you can stack them with a responsive option. These options are available under Style > Headings > Layout. Headings tab will contain all option to customize both headings completely.

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